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  • How To Make Your New Hire ‘Culture-Fit’ Along with ‘Job-Fit’?

    A job isn’t just an 8+ hours of activity where employees come, do work and leave! It’s more than that. A workplace is where employees spend majority of their day’s productive hours. There’s lot of activity including dealing with colleagues, supervisors, bosses, struggling with office politics and so on! If your workforce is not good with this complete basket of activities, then their jobs can get toxic much earlier. So, what here plays the major role?

    Culture!!! Yeah…it’s the Workplace Culture that determines if the employees love their job or not! But, culture is not something that the upper management edicts, it’s rather created by the people who work there and therefore each and every employee, old or new contributes in making a workplace culture.

    So now, as a recruiter, you have an added responsibility of evaluating candidates on how culturally fit they are!

    Though, the idea doesn’t conveys that don’t allow the misfits (as they contribute highly in innovation), but the candidate must not be the one who spoils the work environment or spreads negativity and as a result, productivity is hampered.



    Here are a few tips that can help you judge candidate personality and if he/she is culturally fit:

    Add Additional Personality Tests in the Process:

    In addition to the technical and other rounds, add personality profiling and related test such as psychometric test, etc. to better assess the candidate. Such analysis will help you determine if the personality traits of respective individual align with the job requirements at hand, so that the candidate can get well-versed with team members and work to be done in a comparatively lesser time frame.

    Integrate Behavior Based Questions:

    Along with judging an individual’s personality, prepare interview questions whose responses will reflect behavioral traits of those candidates. Sometimes, in personality or psychometric tests, candidates tend to give conventional responses in order to get positive ratings, but behavior based questioning can help you find the real personality.

    Convert Values into Action:

    To make sure you hire best fits your company culture and align with core values, analyze and pen down your company’s core values before the recruitment process. Transform these values into actions, for instance, if you believe in team bonding and spirit, make your employees practice the same. This will help hiring teams to evaluate candidates if they can adhere to these values or not.

    Determine if One Can Fit in the Team:

    You are making hiring for a particular job profile in a particular team. Thus do your homework, evaluate the members of the team and their behavioral traits, work style, etc. You need to place that individual who can match the frequencies of these team mates and contribute best to accomplish extraordinary outcomes. Thus, keep this as one of the prime selection criterion.

    Therefore, these are the aspects that you need to take care while hiring people for your organization. Though, talent, skills, potential are the prime most factors while making the selection, but you must not ignore these aspects in order to maintain the upward trend in organizational success. Thus, with these added selection criteria, you can make the best fit, tailor made hiring that can save your time and energy in repenting over some candidates who come and spoil your work environment.