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  • Make Your Talent Acquisition Strategy More Effective & Result-Oriented!!

    Much like many other functions in a business, the world of talent acquisition is constantly evolving with frequent pace. Effective and meaningful hires not only help in contributing in an organization’s success significantly, but will also make you confident and better at the art of talent acquisition.

    With that in mind, following are a few tips that can help you excel in the world of talent acquisition:

    Value Candidate Experience Throughout (Applying – Interviewing – Result – On-boarding)

    “First impression is the last impression”; everyone has heard of this phrase at least once their lifetime and the person who had originally said it was nowhere wrong in quoting it. In the process of recruitment, the first thing that any organization does is display an open position on either their company’s career page or through some other medium. The more attractive and complete information this posting provides, more attention it is likely to grab. The same experience must continue in the interview stage too and later while announcing the results. No matter a candidate gets selected or rejected, an HR pro must take initiative to properly address the candidate. Later, when a candidate gets selected, make his/her first few days in the organization, interesting. This will help in ramping up the employee’s morale and make him/her adapt to the new culture within a few days.

    Establish & Nurture Partnership With The Hiring Personnel

    To succeed in acquiring best talent, a healthy partnership within the hiring managers, marketing specialists and other key players in an organization is extremely crucial to keep everyone on the same page when the recruitment starts. You don’t want to convey some other information for the candidates on informal sources and something else in a formal job description. Consistent messaging is the key in this case.

    All related individuals must strategize together to identify the critical job responsibilities and how the new hire can help them in filling the cracks in current situation. Working together in such a manner will help everyone involved get better understanding of the desired role of an ideal candidate and will strengthen the relationship for future hiring too.

    Market the Organization Through Various Job Posting Channels

    Social media isn’t just a place to post current opening and finding new talent; they also pose as an excellent place to showcase your employer brand. Hiring managers can strategize this option by displaying an employee’s life at office, presenting the benefits/perks offered apart from the salary, opportunities for career advancements, displaying company culture, asking for opinions on hot industry topics, answering candidate’s FAQs regarding the company, etc.

    Remember, while Recruitment you become a seller for your organization. You need to put your best cards in front to get the right deal. The more you elaborate, the more are your chances of getting the right person on-board.

    Leveraging Technology For Better Results

    Recruitment techniques used almost a decade ago, now seem almost alien in today’s generation. Employers used to post ads on printed job bulletins and recruitment agencies were a great source to know latest openings. But, this is 21st century; we’ve come a long way since then! Today, we have the whole world at our fingertips with smart gadgets and smart tools. Today, social media platforms provide a perfect place to post current open positions and side-by-side attract talented individuals. Millennial generation love to be online; thus the best way to catch a big fish is where it is more likely to be found.

    Other than the role of internet and social media, to make the HR’s task easy, market is offering numerous technology solutions. This helps them to focus on more strategic tasks in making recruitment better rather than getting utilized in daily routine tasks.

    Acquiring the best talent is more of a need than a process; thus it is extremely important that proper steps must be taken to get the best individual on-board. He/She might be the next rising star of your organization. Thus, using these simple tips will help you conduct your upcoming hiring cycle more effectively, giving desirable outcomes.