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  • 4 / May 2015

    How Does A Medium Between HR & Payroll Ease Out An HR P...

    Managing Payroll is something that Accounts & HR professionals find the most difficult. Upon that if the task has to be done manually then nothing is more burdensome than that. Discrepancies in Payroll Processing can lead to wrong payments to the employees, delays in tax payments, etc.; which in every […]

  • 11 / Mar 2015

    How Successful is Your Employee Rewarding System?

    Recognizing your people for their efforts and hard work is one of the most influential motivation tools. Your little effort can take you a long way. Every organization looks out for an innovative and strategic employee recognition system that caters all the critical areas including benefits, recognition, compensation and appreciation. […]

  • 13 / Nov 2014

    Why Your HR team Can’t Take Out Time to Focus On Strategic...

    Many organizations have suddenly started feeling that the HR teams are often confined to their cabins and get nearly zero time to come on the floor and interact with the workforce. What is it that keeps them so occupied and isolated? Let’s find out…

  • 30 / Apr 2014

    TeamWise Distinguishing Factors..!!

    TeamWise is ageless HR software that does not get obsolete with growing tech-dominance and upgrades itself on a regular basis.  

  • 27 / Dec 2013

    Facing Serious Troubles With Dissatisfied Employees? Find Ou...

    Irrespective of the time and money invested in implementing any change process, nothing can control or predict human variables. Different working units within an organization exhibit large cultural diversity and different working styles. Thus, the managers, especially HR ones, face consequent difficulties while building a unified corporation. Let’s have a […]

  • 25 / Oct 2013

    Evaluate Employee Performance with 360 Degree Performance Ap...

    Performance Appraisals–One of the most thrilling processes for employees. In every organization, the appraisal season comes as an exciting one as all the employees get busy in evaluating and enhancing their annual performance and presenting a starry performance report to their supervisors and the appraisal committee (HR people). Gone are […]

  • 29 / Aug 2013

    Team Connect- An Adaptable Feature for Staying Connected wit...

    TeamWise, has launched its TeamWise- Team Connect Module. Team Connect is available for providing TeamWise customers the facility to deploy access to self-service function across their enterprise. This TeamWise feature is available to facilitate our customers with an innovative functionality to arrange self service mobility access for their enterprise. With […]

  • 10 / Aug 2013

    Increase The Overall Efficiency Of Human Capital Department ...

    The companies in today’s world have to focus on diverse aspects that contribute in the overall development of the business. The owner of the company thus invests a huge amount of money in developing possible strategies to play the game with fair means. The available resources are to be surfed […]

  • 5 / Aug 2013

    Human Resource Software Applications Undertaking To Produce ...

    The working procedure of an enterprise is often hindered and affected by various factors that also contribute in the success it own at the end of the venture. Human Resource Management at such a time turns out to be a very important asset owned by the business corporation that body […]

  • 20 / Jun 2013

    Training And Educational Needs Of Employees!!!

    Training needs of employees. Employee training programs or initiatives are an integral part of HR and long-term strategic objectives of an organization. Through innovative training programs, employees develop new capabilities and set skills to perform consistently. Many corporations with well-defined work cultures and best practices believe in fostering employee spirit […]